A Friendly Font

Since I was last here, Rupert’s Snowman has been published by Purple Butterfly Press. It’s doing really well judging by the 60 plus 5 star reviews on Amazon UK alone! I’m delighted!

One of the unexpected thrills is that a number of parents of dyslexic children have contacted me to tell me that Rupert’s Snowman is the first book that their children have read from cover to cover. For me, it’s made the whole business of publishing a book worthwhile.

The dyslexic friendly font, Blockhead Unplugged is quite childlike in appearance and has a little more space than other fonts between the characters to allow them to b r e a t h e . The words aren’t sat cheek by jowl and therefore don’t get jumbled up easily.

The words wrap themselves around scarves and roll down the hill with snowballs as well as being conventionally placed in sentences from left to right.

Grace Ward, the illustrator is dyslexic and chose the font to accompany her playful illustrations. It’s a great combination that’s proving popular amongst young readers.

SPELD SA in South Australia is just one centre that has featured Rupert’s Snowman and Grace Ward in a recent Facebook post. We’re thrilled to have been recognised officially by them.

Please do comment if you’d like further information but for now

g o o d b y e !

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