My new, old book

I’m writing this in the bay window of our seaside home for the week, leaning on my new (old) Posy Simmonds graphic novel, Gemma Bovery I bought yesterday at the second hand bookshop here in Aldeburgh. It had me at the front cover, I’m afraid the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ doesn’t work for me.
It tells of Gemma, bored, pretty and disillusioned with her new life in rural France through some diaries found after her death but that’s as far as I’ve got.
I love Posy Simmonds books and wasn’t surprised to learn that she influenced one of my favourite cartoonists, Edith at Tortoise. I sat next to Posy at a lunch party once and was mortified to only find out who she was afterwards! Oh the shame! She was so modest.
What I was wondering though was whether you preferred old secondhand bookshops or new ones? Do you enjoy browsing for hours, in often cramped conditions, the disorganised shelves where vintage Rupert manuals jostle for space with Blue Peter limerick collections and Horst photography books?
Or, do you prefer the calm elegance of a new store where the books don’t fight for attention and the cookery section sits next to the gardening books adjacent to the art books.
Luckly here in Aldeburgh we don’t have to choose and we have spent most of our holiday money in both.

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