Books to help start conversations with kids

The Snowman in Rupert’s Snowman represents anybody who doesn’t want to be left out in the cold. You can use my book to start conversation about your child’s friendships especially the trickier ones. Rupert’s concern for Frosty in the story can be a great introduction to the concept of empathy, his kind act is at the heart of my simple tale. It is a gentle and friendly reminder to us all to look after each other.

If you enjoy the book you might like a little French book ‘Emilie et le petit sapin’ which is also set in a wonderful Winter scene and is about a little girl not wanting to cut down a Christmas fir which is nestled between the two larger
trees that might be it’s papa et maman. It’s clean illustrations remind me of the MIFFY series. You need a smattering of French but the cute pictures help you along the way.

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